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Mounting film also known as double sided tape is a lamination process where the one side of the acrylic film is bonded to the back of a fabric. Once achieved you can remove the reverse side of the amber liner to expose the adhesive and directly apply onto various surfaces, such as walls and to use for decorative purposes.

This film is a solvent-free acrylic adhesive with excellent direct tack and strength on most surfaces especially paper and foams. The surfaces to be bonded must be dry and free from any contamination including dust, oils, oxidisation and any other contaminants. An optimised surface tension is essential for successful bonding.


  • Reinforces Fabric

  • Maintains the original quality of your material

  • Easy to cut and sew

  • Good heat, UV and aging resistance

  • Solvent-free acrylic


Technical Specifications

Service Code: MNT/FILM (Mounting Film)

Composition: Polyacrylic modified with amber liner

Width: 150cm

Weight: 90gsm

Colour: Clear

Fire Classification: N/A

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