This non-woven fire retardant paper is laminated to the back of fabrics to be used as fabric wallpaper. The backing acts as a protective moisture barrier between the wall and fabric along with providing the essential body and flexibility making it easier for installation. Our FR paper backing is suitable for commercial usage which has special fire resistant properties to prevent flames from spreading and meets British wall standards BS476 Part 7 Class 1.

Non-woven material is a paper type which provides strength and dimensional stability due to the man-made fibres that are inter-woven with cellulose wood fibres. The benefits of hanging non-woven paper is that it’s a ‘paste the wall’ product and when adhesive is applied there is minimal expansion and a reduced risk of shrink-back on the joins.

​What fabrics can you use?

Fabric wall covering creates a lavish and stylish effect, offering exclusive opportunities to turn your linens, silks or any other materials into a bespoke textile wallpaper. As a fabric lamination manufacturer, we have established different techniques on each machine, which allow us to work with various patterns, thicknesses and textures to convert into one of a kind fabric wallcovering.

At Walltex UK we have productively applied paper backing on a range of fabrics:

The key benefits of textile paper backing are the sound absorption and insulation properties it adds to a room and the aesthetics of wider width which creates fewer seams. During the paper backing process we use techniques to align patterns in order to minimize bowing issues which can occur in some fabrics like Silk Wallpaper.


  • Create bespoke fabric wallcoverings from almost any material

  • Paper meets British Standards BS 476 Part 7 Class 1

  • The original fabric colour, texture and quality remains

  • Textile thickness is ideal for disguising imperfections on wall surface

  • Offers wall insulation properties and acts as acoustical aid by reducing sound

  • Easier to co-ordinate interior décor and accessories to compliment your wallpaper

  • Non-woven paper is absorbs adhesive effectively and allows quality cuts/seams

  • No direct damage to walls


Technical Specifications

Code: PB/FR (Fire Retardant Paper Backing)

Composition: 100% Non-woven FR paper

Width: 150cm

Weight: 120gsm

Fire Classification: BS 476 Pt 7: Class 1 (British Wall Standard)

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