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Bartoline All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler is a ready to use product suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Simple to use and dries white. May be sanded when dry, although often unnecessary as the product is extremely smooth. Must be sealed with an oil-based paint or varnish when being used outdoors.


Application: Ideal for interior and exterior repairs to all types of plaster, plasterboard, brick, stone and timber. Not to be used on surfaces regularly under water.


Available Sizes:

600g Tub

1kg Tub

Bartoline - All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler

  • Application: Ensure surfaces to be filled are clean, dry and dust free. If necessary, stir filler before use. In larger areas, apply filler in layers no more than 6mm thick, allowing each layer to set before applying the next. Fill slightly proud of surrounding surface and when fully set sand down to a fine finish. When used outdoor seal the filler with an oil-based paint, protect the filled area from rain and water until sealed. Do not use on surfaces regularly under water.

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