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Bartoline Fine Surface Filler is a ready to use super smooth filler paste, which is perfect for repairs to small holes, dents and nicks and a wide range of imperfect interior surfaces. It has good adhesion and gives a strong repair in all applications. Contains fine particles enabling a beautifully smooth white finish ready for overpainting. Can also be used outdoors, providing the repair is sealed with a suitable oil-based paint or varnish when dry.


Application: Ideal for repairs to brickwork, stone, plaster, wood and other materials. Especially suitable for smaller cracks, although it may be used for larger holes as well. If a deeper repair is required, build up the filler in thin layers, or use Bartoline All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler, followed by the Fine Surface Filler. For a perfect finish fill slightly proud of the surrounding surface and use fine abrasive to blend in the repair.


Available Sizes:

300g Tube

600g Tub

Bartoline - Fine Surface Filler

  • Ensure surfaces to be filled are clean, dry and dust free. Seal exposed nail and screw heads with an oil-based paint to prevent rusting.

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