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Bartoline Multi Purpose Filler Powder is an easy to mix and simple to use traditional filler ideal for preparing surfaces by filling cracks and holes in walls, ceilings, around door frames and skirting boards. It has excellent adhesive properties to keep the filler firmly in position and sets hard enough to take nails or screws. It also provides a smooth white surface for overpainting or wallpapering, which does not shrink, and may be sanded when dry. Suitable for exterior use providing it is sealed with an oil-based paint or varnish.


Application: Repairs to plaster, plasterboard, wood, brick, stone and most other building materials.


Available Sizes:

1.5kg Box

Bartoline - Multi Purpose Filler Powder

  • For best results brush out loose material and dust from crack or hole to be filled. Hairline cracks should be slightly enlarged to ensure good filler penetration. Moisten absorbent surfaces with water. Touch in nail and screw heads with an oil-based paint to prevent rusting.

    Mixing:Only mix an amount that can be used within 40 minutes. Add approximately 2.5 parts filler to 1 part cold water and mix to a stiff paste. Use a thicker mix for deep cracks/holes. Always mix the filler in a clean container as dirty containercan affect the drying time.

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