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Bartoline PVA Adhesive & Sealer is a Multi Purpose product which can be used in a variety of applications. Can be used as a primer to seal porous substrates; as an effective adhesive to bond materials together; or as a dust-proofer for mortar surfaces such as concrete and plaster. Especially suitable as an additive for cement to increase adhesion properties.


Application: Will bond most materials including wood, brick, ceramic tiles, carpet, cardboard, polystyrene, fabric, leather and other similar porous substrates. Can be used to seal old concrete, plaster and plasterboard in preparation for tiling or further coating.


Available Sizes:

500ml Tub

Bartoline - PVA Adhesive & Sealer

  • For use as an Adhesive:

    To achieve good adhesion,ensure that the surfaces are sound, dry and clean. Join the bonding surfaces together while the PVA is still wet or tacky.Bartoline PVA should be used neat in woodworking applications. Joints should be clamped together to prevent movement until the bond is formed (allow 24 hours to achieve maximum strength).When applying plaster use neat and brush onto the surface prior to plastering. Apply while the PVA is still tacky.For small cement renders combine Bartoline PVA with an equal amount of water and add to the mortar mix. This will improve adhesion and tensile strength of the cured render. For large areas dilute 3 parts Bartoline PVA with 1 part water and brush onto the surface to be repaired. Apply the normal render mix before the emulsion dries.

    For use as a Primer or Sealer:

    For sealing porous substrates (old concrete, plaster, plasterboard etc.) dilute 1 part Bartoline PVA with 4 parts water and brush onto surface. This will seal the surface in preparation for tiling or further coating.

  • Replace lid firmly. Clean tools with warm soapy water before adhesive sets. Protect from frost.

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