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Bartoline Ready Mixed Plaster Skim & Repair is suitable for repairs to plaster and plasterboard prior to decorating. The formulation has excellent wet adhesion making it easy to apply, and will not slump on vertical surfaces, meaning it can be easily smoothed. When the surface is dry it can be painted or wallpapered.


Application: Will cover holes up to 3mm deep. For larger cavities Bartoline Ready to Use All Purpose Filler should be used, followed by Plaster Skim & Repair. Surfaces should be sealed with a plaster sealer or sealer/PVA mix before wallpapering.


Available Sizes:

2.5L Tub

Bartoline - Ready Mixed Plaster Skim & Repair

  • Surfaces should be sound, dry, clean and free from damp, dust and grease. Surfacespainted with gloss should be sanded to provide a key. Nail heads in plasterboard should beknocked below the surface level and covered with an oil-based paint to prevent rusting.

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