Stain protection is a liquid based compound that is both water repellent and stain/oil/UV resistant. We use a clear surface spray on the face of fabric which bonds the coating into the fibres of the material forming a protective shield to safeguard against stains and allows water and oil droplets to roll off the surface.

This fabric treatment has excellent self-cleaning properties which has continuous performance up to 25 washes, keeping your draperies, upholstery and interior accessories protected from stains and spills providing longevity and easy maintenance.

Our stain and water repellent treatment is an innovative non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable water-based coating that can be applied to natural or synthetic textiles, without compromising the colour or handle of the fabric. Unlike other solvent based coatings, our treatment is bio-compatible, completely inert, breathable, odourless and transparent.

What types of fabric can be treated?

The following natural or synthetic compositions can be suitable subject to sample approval:


  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable

  • Seals each individual fibre of the materials

  • Safeguard against stains and water repellent

  • Water-based formula and fluorocarbon free

  • Suitable for synthetic and natural fabrics

  • Transparent surface and UV protection

  • Odourless and Breathable

  • Retains original quality of your fabric

  • Longer lifespan than untreated fabrics

  • Optional flame retardant treatments can be applied to fabrics

Technical Specifications

Service Code: SWR/01 (Stain & Water Repellent Treatment)

Width: 150 cm

Cleaning Guidance

  1. Treated fabrics can be safely dry cleaned.

  2. Brush or vacuum away any loose soil before it becomes embedded into the fabric.

  3. Clean any stains or spills straightaway. The longer stains are left on the fabric, the harder it would be to remove.


Please note: Stain and Water Repellent finish does not make fabrics waterproof, water simply beads off (repel) the surface if you clean immediately as allowing any liquids to sit on the fabric will pass through the fibres or if vertically hung it will roll off.

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