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  • What is the maximum width of fabric that you can laminate?
    Our maximum width is up to 150cm (60”). Please inquire if your fabric is wider than 60”.
  • Is the fabric supplied trimmed after processing?
    No, we supply all fabrics untrimmed.
  • How long will it take for my fabric to be processed?
    Production time is approximately 3 - 5 working days from date we receive the fabric and approval form.
  • Can I send you a sample to process before sending you the fabric?
    Yes, in fact we insist you send us a sample of the fabric first so that we may carefully evaluate to ensure the suitability with your chosen service(s) to minimise any issues when we process the order.
  • Is there a charge for sampling?
    Yes, samples are processed for a small fee of £15.00, fully refundable on placement of order. We request that you send a sample approximately A5 size and clearly label the service required along with all fabric details including composition and width. Samples must be sent to our head office address WV2 4HN.
  • Is there a minimum quantity I need to order?
    No, however there is a surcharge for backing services under 10 metres. This does not apply for treatments or Swarovski Crystallisation service.
  • Is there a maximum meterage I can send per roll?
    Yes, we require length of fabric rolls to be maximum continuous length around 20 metres due to the size and weight doubling once backing is applied. This also makes installation much easier.
  • Will there be work loss?
    When calculating your fabric requirements, you must include with your order one additional half a metre for each continuous piece of material supplied. This is due to two reasons being one our process at the beginning and end of the cycle. Two: some fabrics may need to be pre-shrunk (heat pressed) through the machine and an allowance of 5% fabric shrinkage should be taken into consideration.
  • Can I deliver my fabric to you directly from the manufacturer?
    Yes, however you must instruct the third party to send fabric on a roll/tube and the face side of the fabric clearly marked, along with a side note of your company name. To speed up the process of putting your material into production you must email us a purchase order as soon as possible to:
  • What types of payment options are available?
    We accept checks, bacs transfers and debit /credit cards (please call for further details).
  • After processing, can you deliver the fabric directly to my upholsterer/workroom or installer? "
    Yes, however you must put this in writing to us if delivery address is different to your invoice address. Also it’s important to provide a name and phone number of your third party address for carrier services to contact if required and tracking details to be sent. We use UPS services, for further information on our charges please call on 01902 717664.
  • Do I need to get my fabric fire treated?
    If you are using fabrics in public places such as hotels, bars, restaurants, theatres, schools, retail stores and other commercial settings you would need to meet certain flammability regulations. Check with a verified fire testing laboratory to determine requirements needed to meet regulations that relates to your intended application as fire codes vary from different countries.
  • Do we treat the fabric before or after lamination?
    We suggest treating the fabric first before lamination process, especially with paper backing services.This must be carried out and cured over 48 hours before we begin to apply backing. Please ensure you advise us when placing orders if the fabric has been treated.
  • Will you provide a certificate of compliance?
    No, we highly recommend you send a fabric sample once processed with the service(s) required to a verified fire testing laboratory to test and receive certification of compliance. However you must check with the lab for requirements of fabric quantity needed to carry out testing of your finished fabric. Large samples can be processed for testing at request, charges may apply.
  • Do you assess fabrics before processing?
    The first process begins with sampling, once this has been approved and signed off by both parties the fabric is then sent for processing. However we once again check and evaluate the first half a metre to ensure its suitability with your chosen process(es). Any flaws or weaving imperfections can be inspected at an additional charge. However if there is any questions or a cause of concern with the fabric we will then be in contact.
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