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Sampling & Process


Select the service(s) you require and send us a sample of the fabric approximately A5 size and clearly label the details of composition and width. Our technicians will evaluate and test to ensure suitability for a small fee of £3.50 per sample. Once approved we send the finished sample back to you with an approval form to sign off before production commences.

Production time is approximately 3 - 5 working days subject to requirements and from the date we receive fabric. The maximum width we can laminate is 150cm and surcharges may apply for under 10 metres.

We work with all types of fabrics and can develop a bespoke solution for your backing and finishing needs. For more information please contact our head office.


Guidance for Use

All backings are supplied untrimmed. We require length of fabric rolls to be maximum continuous length around 20 metres due to the size and weight doubling once backing is applied.

Please note some fabrics particularly with viscose may need to be pre-shrunk (heat pressed) through the machine and an allowance of 5% fabric shrinkage should be taken into consideration.

When placing your order, specify the applicable code and intended use.

Check with a verified fire testing laboratory to determine requirements and testing needed to meet fire regulations for commercial usage of your finished fabric. Large samples can be processed for testing at request, charges may apply.

Wallcoverings: We recommend the use of fabric cords or trims along the seams, in particular with thick or panelled fabrics, to protect and hide seams/joins. The best covering for joins with acoustic foam panels is a metal finish trimming, a similar fitting used on edges of tiles in ‘L’ or ‘H’ shape. For further information please contact our head office.


Textile Wallcovering Hanging Instructions available on request.

Recommended Treatments

Fabrics must comply with relevant Fire Regulations if you are using in a commercial setting.

It is recommended you send a fabric sample once processed with the service(s) required to a verified fire testing laboratory to test and receive certification of compliance, for your intended application as a finished product. However you must check with the lab for requirements of fabric quantity needed to carry out testing of your finished fabric.

Any treatments required on the fabric must be carried out and cured over 48 hours before we begin to apply backing.

Paper backing notice: If you treat the fabric after backing this can cause the paper to warp, distort and discolour, therefore not usable.

Terms & Conditions of process

Any fabrics supplied by the client must acknowledge that we cannot guarantee a pattern match on laminated fabrics.

Work loss: you must include with your order one additional half a metre for each continuous piece of material supplied.

All fabrics should be sent on a roll with the face side of the fabric clearly marked and full description of fabric including composition. Any fabric received which is creased or not rolled on a tube will be subject to crease removal charges.

Disclaimer: All information on the website is given in good faith and should be considered a guide only. If any standards in this specification are of critical importance, then we strongly recommend the user arranges independent testing themselves to determine the suitability of each finished material to its intended application.

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