A high quality needled felt fire barrier woven in fire retardant viscose and wool, is an interliner providing fire resistance and deep padding with the flexibility to upholster, making it easy to work with.

The backing is fused to the back of your fabric to reinforce the material to become more resilient and conforms to BS 5852:1982 Part 2 ignition source 5 (crib 5) & Schedule 3 (Ignition resistance test for interliner)

A schedule 3 fire barrier protects some of the harmful foam used in upholstered furniture from being exposed. This FR backing will ensure that your fabrics will meet BS 5852 CRIB 5 without compromising the quality or durability of the fabric.

In addition the felt barrier has a soft feel, which services the padding and cushioning effect with a natural spring suitable for upholstery and curtain usage.

Perennials Fabric
Perennials Fabric

Felt Fire Barrier

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Tissus D'Helene Fabric
Tissus D'Helene Fabric

Felt Fire Barrier

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Crib 5 fire retardant barrier fabric is used in the manufacture of:


  • Reinforces fabric

  • Engineered to obstruct or stop the process of a fire from penetrating into the foam or padding of furniture.

  • Maintains the original quality of your material

  • Adds strength and thickness for enhanced durability.

  • Fabrics laminated become a single substrate with no air pockets and a single source of friction.

  • Much easier to cut and sew

  • Meets BS 5852 CRIB 5 & BS 5867 Pt 2B


Technical Specifications

Service Code: FRB/02 (Felt Fire Barrier)

Composition: 60% FR Viscose & 40% Wool

Width: 137cm

Weight: 240gsm

Colour: Cream

Fire Classification: BS 5852 CRIB 5 & BS 5867 Pt 2B

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