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Bonding fabrics and a variety of substrates together is a process which creates a permanent bond between two or multiple layers which can be similar or different. The benefits of fusing materials together is that you reinforce the fabric, improving the durability and form.

What fabrics can you use this for?

We have a variety of fabrics we can permanently fuse together, samples can be produced on request. For example we have fused together a silk and cotton fabric back to back which has been used as a curtain divider. We have also processed a faux leather and suede fabric for production of fashion accessories.


  • Reinforces fabric

  • Perforation resistance

  • Maintains the original quality of your material

  • Much easier to cut and sew if required

  • Materials can be safely dry cleaned


Technical Specifications

Service Code: TL/BOND (Bonding & Fusing)

Layers: 2 or 3 fabrics maximum

Width: 150cm maximum

Fire Classification: N/A

Terms & Conditions of process and guidance - See how we work

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