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Fire Retardant Blackout is a high quality cotton and polyester mix fabric with a soft handle, designed to block out 99% of light. We permanently bond this FR blackout to the reverse side of a fabric which enhances the face fabric to be more resilient. This backing is most commonly used for hotels and residential settings for drapery and blinds.

The key benefits of using blackout is the insulation and noise dampening properties due to the density and opacity of the heavy weight premium lining. This is a 3-pass blackout which is made by applying a thin layer of white foam, black foam and the third and final layer of white foam fused together.

The fire retardant properties in this fabric meets the required British standards for drapery BS 5867 Part 2B which approves commercial usage for hotels. *Face fabric must be FR Treated before sending for backing service.

​What fabrics can you use?

The following range of fabrics and compositions can be suitable subject to sample approval:


  • Blocks out 99% of light

  • Meets BS 5867 Part 2B

  • Insulation and noise dampening properties

  • Maintain original colour, texture and quality of your material

  • Reinforces fabric

  • Protects against wear-and-tear

  • Much easier to cut and sew


Technical Specifications

Service Code: BLK/FR (Fire Retardant Blackout)

Composition: 50% Polyester & 50% Cotton

Width: 137cm

Weight: 260gsm

Colour: White

Fire Classification: BS 5867 Pt 2B

*Face fabric must be FR Treated before sending for backing service.

It is recommended you send a fabric sample once processed with the service(s) required to a verified fire testing laboratory to test and receive certification of compliance for your intended application as a finished product.

Terms & Conditions of process and guidance - See how we work

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