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Walltex UK is a leading textile lamination manufacturer offering exclusive backing and finishing services to reinforce your supplied fabrics for extra strength and durability.

Enhanced material backings allows us to work with even the most challenging fabrics for example fine silks, linen, crushed velvets, embroideries, synthetic blends and much more.

Based in the heart of England we have invested in state of the art machines to offer this bespoke service with excellent results due to modern lamination processes. Therefore considerably reducing bowing, distortion and discolouring of fabrics which can be caused by excessive heat and pressure.

Customers can select lamination services such as knit backing, paper backing, FR Acoustic Foam, FR interlining, FR backingFR blackout, PU28 fire barrier, bonding & crystallisation.

As a fabric backing specialists we can bond multiple layers to create unique wall coverings, draperies, upholsteries, home décor and fashion accessories. For example we can paper-back your linen fabric with additional layer of FR Acoustic Foam for sound absorption.


Our exceptional techniques and quick turnaround service has put us at the forefront to work with leading designers, contractors, fabric converters and manufacturers. We can work on all kinds of projects and have a wealth of experience working alongside designers and contractors with detailed requirements and tight deadlines.

Our team is more than happy to advise you on suitable solutions for your needs, therefore providing performance enhanced fabrics that last longer.

In addition we can source and supply you materials through our sister company Kandola Silks where we have an extensive range of plain and embellished fabrics to choose from. Fabric collections are available to view on their website, sampling can be requested free of charge and processed with your chosen service(s).

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