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Fire retardant acoustic foam is an open celled sound absorbing material that can be permanently fused to the back of your fabric to act as a sound barrier for wall panelling while adding thickness, density and stability.

Open celled foams provide access for sound to penetrate the surface enabling sound absorption on various frequencies subject to thickness chosen and prevention of noise breakout especially when applied to rigid substrates.

This backing offers flexibility even after lamination which makes it easier for installation with curved or complex surfaces. Interestingly the foam can be readily cut or pressed into various shapes to fit into the required interior application without compromising the quality or resilience of the fabric.

Fire retardant foam is made from polyurethane, impregnated with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal additives and most importantly it’s a chemically inert product which means dust will not migrate when exposed to air movement making it safe to use.

In addition to providing excellent sound absorption, this backing meets fire regulations including European Standard EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0  along with UL94V-0. *Face fabric must be FR Treated before sending for backing service.

​Where do you use this?

Fire retardant foam has been used by many different industries for various applications requiring sound absorption or noise containment such as:


  • Add thickness, density and stability

  • Increase soundproofing for upholstered wall track systems

  • Retain original quality and colour of your material

  • Excellent sound absorption

  • Meets European Fire Standard EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0.

  • Open celled and flexible

  • Easy installation and safe to handle (non-irritant)

  • Does not erode or migrate in air movement (up to 6,000 ft/min, 2,800Mt/min)


Technical Specifications

Service Code: ACU/FR (FR Acoustic Foam)

Composition: polyurethane foam

Width: 150cm

Colour: Dark Grey

Thickness: 6mm (other thicknesses available on request)

Fire Classification: EN 13501-1 Euro Class   B-s1,d0, UL94   94-V-0 *Face fabric must be FR Treated before sending for backing service.

Inactive Test: ASTM C1071-05 12.7 Pass (Tested at 10000 fpm for 4 hours)

Mildew Test: ASTM D-2020-92 Mildew (Fungus) Resistance

It is recommended you send a fabric sample once processed with the service(s) required to a verified fire testing laboratory to test and receive certification of compliance for your intended application as a finished product.

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