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Knit backing is a lamination process where a knitted polyester fabric is permanently bonded to the back of fabrics, which enhances the face fabric to be more durable and stronger. This backing makes delicate fabrics such as linens, silks, cottons and other types of fabrics more suitable for upholstery usage and considerably reduces seam slippage.

The key benefits of knit backing is that it provides a luxurious soft feel and most importantly increases wear resistance for a longer life span.

What can you use this for?

Many of our clients have used this backing for upholstery and interior accessories. For example:

At Walltex UK we have developed a technique that reduces bowing, puckering, distortions and uneven selvedge’s, which improves the visual appearance while maintaining the distinctive and characteristic textures. We work with all types of natural and synthetic fabrics which include a variety of different processes and finishes. For example:


  • Reinforces fabric

  • Protects against wear-and-tear

  • Maintains the original quality of your material

  • Much easier to cut and sew

  • Soft handle

  • Materials can be safely dry cleaned

  • Special process aimed at delicate fabrics

  • Useful for fabric wall panel applications (upholstery on wall frames)


Technical Specifications

Service Code: KB55/W (Knit Backing)

Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 150cm

Weight: 33gsm

Colour: White

Fire Classification: N/A

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