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FR Interlining is a polyester fabric which is laminated to the back of fabrics to be used for drapery adding extra weight and body to improve decorating qualities. This service is also suitable for bonding even delicate or embellished fabrics, i.e. embroideries to cushion the fabric which eliminates puckering effect. In addition this backing reinforces materials to become more durable and protects the face fabric against UV deterioration, giving a longer lifespan.

The flame retardant properties in this fabric meets the required British standards BS 5867 Part 2B which approves commercial usage for drapery and blinds. This Interlining has noise dampening and heat insulation properties which could be used to your advantage for other applications such as wall panelling, upholstery and interior accessories.

What fabrics can you use?

The following range of fabrics and compositions can be suitable subject to sample approval:


  • Suitable for embellished fabrics

  • Meets BS 5867 Part 2B

  • Insulation and noise dampening properties

  • UV Protection for face fabric

  • Reinforces fabric

  • Protects against wear-and-tear

  • Maintains the original quality of your material

  • Much easier to cut and sew

Technical Specifications

Service Code: INT/FR (Flame Retardant (FR) Interlining)

Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 143cm

Weight: 285gsm

Colour: White

Fire Classification: BS 5867 Pt 2B

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