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Choose from our Design Portfolio


Choose from our existing design portfolio for us to edit, scale and colour to meet your precise requirements.

Choose from our design portfolio for us to print as is or modify an existing design to re-colour and digitally print onto your choice of base material to meet your exact requirements. Our flame retardant bases conforms to British and International standards.

Our design team have the skills and latest technology to produce print ready artwork to create your bespoke product. Once the design has been finalised we will transform the artwork into a pdf file for you to review and strike off a sample swatch on your chosen base cloth for approval. Once approved we will print your order and deliver it to you.

Re-colouring designs incur a one off surcharge of £50.00 per design. This is based off 1 day design work. Multiple design modifications we can offer discounts.

From intricate designs which have 20 layers to a design containing just 2 layers; we are able to work with your colour palette to achieve the look you require.

Minimum Order Quantities:

1 – 10 metres with a surcharge of £25.00 for orders. However for sampling we can reimburse this surcharge once order is placed. Sampling charges per fabric/paper vary, please refer to our price list or contact us for further details.

*All print options are available on our supplied materials as they have been tried and tested on our machines.

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