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Bartoline Lightweight Filler is an easy to apply high-tech ready-to-use lightweight filler suitable for a multitude of tasks around the home and workplace. Utilising ultra-modern glass bead technology, it outperforms most other conventional fillers. When filling large cracks and gaps there is no need to build layers, as no sagging or shrinkage will be evident, even on ceilings. Dries brilliant white with a perfectly smooth finish requiring no sanding. Product may be overpainted in approximately 30 minutes.


Application: Suitable for interior or exterior use on all surfaces except plastics and metals. Not suitable for fixing structural bolts. May be overpainted with latex paint 15 minutes after application.


Available Sizes:

500ml Tub

1L Tub

Bartoline - Lightweight Filler

  • For best results brush out loose material and dust from crack or hole to be filled. Hairline cracks should be slightly enlarged to ensure good filler penetration. Moisten absorbent surfaces with water. Touch in nail and screw heads with an oil-based paint to prevent rusting. container as dirty containercan affect the drying time.

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