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Customer Own Design


Supply your original artwork/design in Illustrator / Photoshop / AVA files - either layered or flat to digitally print onto any of our fabric base cloths or non-woven substrates.

Our in-house design team can assist you with your artwork and project whether it’s a design concept in layers or full design in repeat ready to go. With our skilled design studio we can digitally print your design to create beautiful bespoke printed fabric or paper suitable for any interior setting. We can offer assistance in changing colours, scale, orientation, making pattern repeat and side match, along with proofs and pre-production samples for approval.  

If you have your artwork ready we can modify the file to make it work on our print process. We would require the original design file to be provided in the following format:

  • AVA file (layered) - No design charge

  • Photoshop layered file (not flattened) - No design charge

  • Tiff layers (greyscale not flattened) - No design charge

  • Illustrator layered file (not flattened) - No design charge

We work with AVA CAD / CAM so files in the format with the separation of design layers would be a great advantage to modify the colours. We would need a colour swatch reference or sample palette for us to amend your design file to get the best colour match when we print. When you submit your design file please ensure to include any resources such as colour reference codes in Pantone / CMYK / RAL. 

Re-colouring designs incur a one off surcharge of £50.00 per design. This is based off 1 day design work. Multiple design modifications we can offer discounts. Designs will vary and there will be a variation in the cost if additional development is needed.

From intricate designs which have 20 layers to a design containing just 2 layers; we are able to work with your colour palette to achieve the look you require.

Minimum Order Quantities:

1 – 10 metres with a surcharge of £25.00 for orders. However for sampling we can reimburse this surcharge once order is placed. Sampling charges per fabric/paper vary, please refer to our price list or contact us for further details.

Exclusive Rights

We will not initiate any work where we are asked to directly copy or produce designs similar to another supplier without written authority from our customer to say that they have the copyright for the design. Once a signed form is completed we will begin any required design work. Design copyright must be owned by customer or have a written letter to confirm they have rights to re-produce from the original artist/brand/owner.

*All print options are available on our supplied materials as they have been tried and tested on our machines.

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